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I can’t say enough about Dr. Cohan - and his remarkable staff as well! I came to Dr. Cohan from outside of the Chicago area, after brief and miserable experiences with 6 other doctors. I have dry eye and meibomian gland issues. Dr Cohan has the diagnostics in his office, and the experience - to go down what can be a rough road for some, of dealing with these issues. He is open minded, compassionate, and eager to explore what works for you! - which can change over time, and be frustrating. Medications can cause dry eye, exacerbate it - and sometimes we can not change medications……so figuring out different strategies takes some work, patience, and devotion - to deal with what sometimes can feel like a roller coaster ride. The other 6 doctors I dealt with, were far less informed about dry eye and meibomian gland issues, didn’t have any diagnostic equipment, made fun of newer strategies available - and wanted to stick with the same old same old. Dr. Cohan keeps up on the latest journal writings regarding dry eye complexities and the latest avenues of exploration in progress, and actively seeks out being able to try out and offer new techniques. Actually being able to see your setbacks and progress in the office - from examinations, photographs, and test results - is ABSOLUTELY GOLDEN! Anything less, is not worth wasting your money and time. Dr. Cohan gets excited, when he is introducing something new - and appreciates valuable feedback. Driving several hours to see Dr. Cohan, is worth the effort! The office support professionals are quite personable, likable, express concern, and respond in a timely way. Kelly, RN
8 months ago
- Kelly B.
Dr. Cohan and the rest of the staff were super friendly and provided great service. The equipment is very impressive and they offer some great eye procedures. Special shout-out to Jenelle for being so awesome!
10 months ago
- Steven T.
I had been experiencing dry eyes due to my work, which requires looking at computer screen for up to 10 hours a day when I heard about what Radio frequency treatment could do for my condition. I was informed that it could reduce inflammation around the eye and also improve my blinking rate for better tear exchange. The procedure didn't take long and Sonia made the experience quite relaxing. Most importantly, I feel a difference after just one treatment. I am looking forward to my follow up visits!
1 year ago
- Casey J.
I was skeptical that this procedure would help my dry eyes. While it wasn't covered under insurance it was totally worth it. A month after the procedure I no longer need my eye drops. It's liberating. Check them out!
2 years ago
- Josh G.

Does this patient’s story resonate with your own dry eye struggle?

- Kathlyn

Rener-eyes Dry Eye Testimonial

This patient has had long standing dry eyes for over a decade and upon diagnosis and management with Lipiflow to get the glands working as well as topical treatment with this new revolutionary drop, this patient is doing fantastic.

"I had been experiencing non-stop itchy and watery eyes for months.  I would wake up each morning with swollen bags both on top and below the eye.  I use a night gel and xiandra but I knew I needed to see Dr.  Cohan.  He put me on Regener-eyes and almost immediately the swollen pink bags and watery eyes disappeared and I can return to being a worry-free eye makeup wearer.  Thank you!" -- Diane

Regener-eyes dry eye testimonial

- Diane

My eyes are better than they have been since I was diagnosed with dry eyes

This is the place to go if you have problems with your eyes. The people at this clinic are very friendly and helpful, they explained all that was wrong with my eyes and how they could help me. For 4 years I have dealing with several eye doctors and surgeons and no one could help me, it was always wash eyes then Restasis and I got no help. In 1 visit and 1 procedure my eyes are better than they have been since I was diagnosed with dry eyes. PLEASE TRY THIS CLINIC!!!

- Brian B, Google 2020