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Dry Eye Treatment

dry eye

treatments for dry eye

Treatments available For Dry Eyes

Dry eye is a very treatable condition. Some situations can be addressed with nutritional supplements and drops. Other situations require non-surgical procedures to treat the underlying cause. Upon proper diagnosis, your optometrist will discuss the treatment options that will provide the best outcome for your dry eye symptoms.

Retail and prescription solutions, include:

  • Artificial tears
  • Eye masks
  • Topical prescription eye drops
  • Specialty contact lens options
  • Nutritional supplements (Omega 3)
  • Restasis®
  • Xiidra™

Elective in-office procedures, include:

  • Punctal plugs or cautery (procedure to plug the eyelid punctum)
  • BlephEx®—A simple and painless eyelid cleaning procedure to remove debris and bacteria that can lead to inflammation and blepharitis (a condition that can produce dry eye symptoms).
  • LipiFlow®—The only FDA-approved treatment procedure that opens and clears oil glands, allowing them to regain production of the oils needed for healthy tears. One 12-minute treatment can offer relief for up to three years.