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Dry Eye Treatment in Vernon Hills

The Midwest Dry Eye Center near Vernon Hills offers dry eye services to patients of all ages. Top of their list of services is the treatment for chronic dry eye. Chronic dry eye syndrome is the condition that causes discomfort in the eyes, impaired vision and an inconvenience of daily life.

Such discomforts include
  • itching
  • irritation
  • light sensitivity
  • dryness
  • sting
  • burning
  • blurred vision
  • feeling like something is in the eye
  • grittiness
  • discomfort while wearing contact lenses

Causes of Dry Eye

Dry eyes can be caused by aging, infection, type of medications and dry, dusty & windy environments. For females hormonal changes such as, pregnancy, menopause or use of birth control pills can all cause dry eye. The place and activities you indulge in can also be a cause of dry eyes, such as home air conditioners, heating systems, and too much exposure to a TV or a computer monitor.

Additional causes of dry eyes include medical conditions such as diabetes, blepharitis, lupus, arthritis and thyroid problems.

Eye surgeries (LASIK) and extended use of contact lenses can also have harmful effects.

Having mentioned that, we have dry eye experts at our optometry practice in Vernon Hills who will comprehensively examine, diagnose and treat chronic dry eye syndrome. The optometrists at Vernon Hills will assess your eye condition and use the results to determine the cause of your dry eyes. We can then find the most appropriate solution that will take away the symptoms and bring back comfort to your eyes and life.

Diagnosis Of Dry Eyes in Vernon Hills

Dry eyes condition is diagnosed through an extensive eye exam and the patient’s description of their symptoms by one of our excellent optometrists. In many cases, optometrists use the quick test whereby they measure the rate at which tears evaporate from your eye surface.

Here near Vernon Hills, we use an advanced state of the art technology. The Oculus Keratograph helps diagnose dry eye and tear break-up time.

Treatment Of Dry Eyes

There are many options available for treating dry eyes but each is dependent on the cause and severity of the condition. For mild cases of dry eyes, our vision center offers solutions such as artificial tears and lubricant eye drops, that are used to make up for the natural tears the eyes would have produced. If over-the-counter solutions do not do the trick, the optometrist may prescribe prescription drops. These drops enhance the production of tears or steroids to provide short-term relief.

In the sever cases the optometrist may use:

  • A punctual insert. It is a tiny insert containing a slow-release lubricant substance placed inside the lower eyelid.
  • Lipiflow – used to treat Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. It involves an in-office procedure. It functions by opening blocked Meibomian glands to produce essential oils for the lubrication of the eyes.
  • Belphex Eye Lid Exfoliation. – Yes! Eye exfoliation is real. Belphex is used for treating Blepharitis, a condition with symptoms relatable to those dry eyes such as irritation, tearing, burning. It is caused by the inflammation of the eyelids which leads to blockage and even infection. Belphex is a microsponge designed to gently spin and exfoliate the eyelids and lashes. Your eye doctor may also prescribe an antibiotic ointment, specialty eyelid scrubs or a hot compress mask.

The optometrist may also require you to wear your contact lenses at more regulated times. Sometimes switching to a different brand or type of lenses can help.

In case your dry eyes are caused by external factors, you may want to eliminate the cause to solve the problem, such as avoiding dry environments, heaters, fans and hair dryers especially when they are directed towards your eyes. The best case scenario is to wear eye protection wear in such environs where circumstances are unavailable.

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