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Pre-Treatment Protocol for TempSure Envi Radiofrequency

Tempsure 450Remove all makeup, including eye makeup, lotions, sunblock and wash the facial area prior to treatment. Any preparations left on the skin will act as an impedance to the energy and will diminish the effects. Remove contact lenses prior to treatment.

-For 5-7 days prior, at the practitioner’s discretion, avoid therapies that may cause erythema(redness) or irritation such as Retin-A or products containing isotretinoin, glycolic acid, or salicylic acid

-For optimal treatment, hydrate by drinking plenty of water or hydrating fluids several days in advance. Avoid alcohol if possible.

-Caution if the patient has an unhealthy expectation of the results- this is not plastic surgery and all patients should be fully informed of the treatment’s expected results.

-Radiofrequency has the potential of reaching 42 degrees celsius. Patients with known sensitivity to heat at this temperature should use precautions 1-3 weeks in advance. Possible side effects could include swelling and breakouts around the treated area.

Treatment Should Be Delayed If:

  • Pregnant or Nursing
  • Accutane has been used within 6 months
  • Botox/Toxins/Fillers used within 2 weeks
  • Acid Peel has been done within 3 months
  • Cut, Wounded, Infected skin in the treatment area
  • Undergoing Local, Oral, or Systemic Anesthesia

Contraindications to Treatment:

  • Pacemakers
  • Metal Implants
  • Embedded Electronic Devices
  • Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator

Treatment Cautionary Criteria:

  • Allergy to Heat, Adhesives, Gold, or Corn
  • Nerve Insensitivity to heat in the treatment area
  • Tattoos, Permanent Makeup, Permanent Eyebrows
  • Active Cystic Acne over treatment areas
  • Melasma

Post-Treatment Protocol for TempSure Envi Radiofrequency

-Typically patients may return to their normal activities after receiving treatment. Please follow the medical advice of the practitioner regarding care of your skin.

-Wash skin with tepid water and a gentle cleanser

-If the skin is slightly pink or red in areas following treatment, avoid hot water when washing or showering until any redness has subsided

-Makeup, preferably mineral-based, may be applied immediately post-treatment

-A regimen to moisturize and soothe skin for 1 week after is recommended

-Use of sunblock with a SPF30 or greater if going out in the sun to prevent sun damage 2-3 weeks following treatment

-Mild swelling and redness may occur which typically go away within 2-24 hours

-Rare blisters and burns have been noted in clinical trials. These side effects resolved within 7-10 days and without intervention.

-For optimal treatment, hydrate by drinking plenty of water or hydrating fluids several days in after. Avoid alcohol if possible.

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